A group of people walk through the countryside, talking in pairs



Monday 31 May, 2 – 5pm


The Walking Reading Group invite participants to explore aspects of loneliness and solitude through texts that offer different perspectives on these themes. The texts, including material by Maya Angelou, Olivia Laing and Thoureau, consider the differences between loneliness and being alone, rural remoteness, and artists’ experiences of solitude..

For this iteration of On Care, texts will be sent by email in advance with a Zoom link for pre and post-walk meetings. Participants will be paired up, exchange numbers and set out for an hour-long solo walk through the landscape, connecting with another over the phone. Intimate exchanges will emerge and you’ll be invited to share observations with others from different geographies when we reconvene on Zoom for the traditional post-walk pub chat.

TWRG is a knowledge exchange project that facilitates rich conversations between people who’ve never met before while discussing a series of carefully selected texts.

Important information

If the cost of attending this event is a barrier, please email info@odartsfestival.co.uk and we will be happy to offer you a free place, no questions asked.