The Museum of Divergent Realities presents ‘Us VS Them’, 2018

Tour a different kind of museum

“You never really know what they’re doing next door, I mean you don’t do you? You can hear them crashing about, coming and going at all hours.” (A Local)

Museum demonstrator Tim Bromage invites you to join him on a tour of an ever growing collection. Informed by the practices and history of the ‘village’, and drawing from the museum’s expansive collection, this specially curated tour touches upon politics, paranoia and organised religion.

See the art

Coker Court, East Coker
Saturday 12 May, 7.30-9pm
Booking required – book now via Eventbrite

About the artist

Tim Bromage is a performer and writer based in Wales. His practice draws upon a number of areas of interest, including stage magic and folk traditions. Props and costume are combined with song, text and other activities creating strange rituals.

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