Jolene & the Jealous Guys, 2018

Step up to the mic, sing your heart out

Over the festival weekend, Jolene and her Jealous Guys take over the bus shelters of East and West Coker, transforming them into glamorous karaoke booths. Visitors are invited to sing from a menu of songs about rivalry in love and the bitterness of heartache. The most passionate performance will win a prize, inserting and heightening a sense of competition across the festival.

Jolene & the Jealous Guys is a specially-commissioned participatory artwork for Od Arts Festival 2018.

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⑥⑦ Bus stops in East & West Coker
Friday 11 May 11-6pm – West Coker
Saturday 12 May 11-6pm – East Coker
Sunday 13 May 11-3pm – West Coker

Foresters Arms
Closing Party
4pm – late

About the artist

Sadie Hennessy is an artist and ‘shenanigator’, who recently caused headlines with a children’s tattoo parlour in Whitstable High Street and before that, a national hoo-haa with ‘Gary Glitter Rock’.  Hennessey uses black humour to scratch at the veneer of civilised society. She is currently Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy and is exploring ‘Britishness’ in a project with Firstsite Gallery.

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