Blue Prints of Od, 2018

Native species and botanical aliens

Rachael Allain has researched and collected indigenous and non-indigenous wildflowers growing in East and West Coker. Experience a audio-visual installation of blueprints and ambient sound recordings, considering competition and companionship between species.

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Dawes Twine Works, West Coker
Friday 11 May, 10-6pm
Saturday 12 May, 10-6pm
Sunday 13 May, 10-3pm

Cyanotype Workshop
Dawes Twine Works, West Coker
Sunday 13 May, 11-12pm & 2-3pm
Booking required – book now via Eventbrite

About the artist

Rachael Allain’s practice integrates emerging and obsolescent technologies, experimental still and moving image, sound and installation. Her work explores phenomenology in relation to site, the temporal and alchemical properties of analogue film as well as the immediacy of the virtual, scientific and digital data technology.

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