black and white old image of Burton in East Coker, a lone figure standing in the road




2. Dawe’s Twineworks, West Coker
Sun 30 May, 2 – 4pm
Booking required

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Are we singing the same songs?

About a century ago, a group of folklorists travelled through the English countryside, collecting old folksongs from some of the last remaining people who remembered them. Many hundreds of songs were collected and written down in Somerset and Dorset, including in West and East Coker.
Join Phil Owen for a special workshop where you will learn a bit about these songs, the people who sang them, and how we might sing them today. Participants will be invited to learn a few simple songs to sing together. But non-singing participants are very welcome too.



Phil Owen is a singer and writer from North Somerset. His work is informed by a strong interest in the relationships between voice, memory and place.