Crazywell, 2017

Parish identity, collaboration and myth

There are myths that Crazywell Pool is bottomless and that it rises and ebbs with the tide. The rumours persist, despite the pool being a man-made relic of the tin-mining industry. In a performative re-activation of one of its stories, a procession of participants use church ropes to gauge the pool’s depths. Peter Chesbrough & Laura Hopes created a filmed dialogue of this communal event, each narrating the tale differently.

See the art

Dawe’s Twine Works (Upstairs in the Ropewalk)
Friday 11 May – Saturday 12 May, 10-6pm
Sunday 13 May, 10-3pm

About the artists

Laura Hopes is an artist who combs landscapes for traces of industry and scars of the anthropocene. Her practice generates physical, intuitive and often collaborative explorations of place. Peter Chesbrough is a filmmaker working with participatory film processes, often borrowing from the iconography of myth and science fiction.

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