Capital Crimes in Cornwall 1785-1882 and other paintings, 2018

Dark paintings with sinister allure

Playing on our universal fascination with the crimes and misdemeanours of centuries past, this group of paintings fester with violence, drama and tragedy. We witness a tangled confusion of incidents: murders of parents, babies, husbands, wives; burglary and highway robbery; theft of money and animals; bestiality, arson and forgery. In inked silhouette, victims and perpetrators become anonymous and timeless.

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OSR Project Space, West Coker
Friday 11 May – Saturday 12 May, 10-6pm
Sunday 13 May, 10-3pm

About the artist

Nicola Bealing is a painter and printmaker based in Cornwall. Bealing creates figurative and fictitious imagery inspired by fish, animals, insects and humans of all shapes and sizes. Her work is often a dark and perceptive commentary on human nature in both natural habitats and unexpected ones.

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