Duet, 2005

Pride becomes a shouting match

Duet enacts rivalry in a performance of Melville Mitchell’s respective national rugby anthems. Representing England is Twickenham terrace favourite, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, pitted against Bread of Heaven, a hymn emblematic of the passion of Welsh fans. While neither protagonist claims to be a strong vocalist, the stereotype dulcet tones of the Welshman easily win the singing contest. Can England find other ways to drown out the competition?

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③ Inn The Square (Upstairs), West Coker
Friday 11 May – Saturday 12 May, 10am – 6pm
(film not suitable for children, it’s a bit sweary)

About the artists

Melville Mitchell is a pseudonym for the collaborative practice of artists James Melville Thomas and Simon Mitchell. Melville Mitchell created performances, videos, sculptures, drawings and written pieces between 2001-2015. At the core of their practice is the nature of collaboration itself, explored through friendship, camaraderie, sporting rivalry and the British drinking culture.

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