collection of plant drawings on black paper in white paint


Herbaria and Botanical map

Painting and drawing


4. OSR Projects, West Coker
Fri 26 – Sun 28 May, 10am – 5:30pm

A series of paintings based on historic herbaria, which are dried plant specimens pinned to sheets of paper, used by botanists to study plants. Marcia is fascinated by the idea of separating and flattening nature to understand and organise it, but also the care and close observation given by the scientists.

Drawn with bleach on linen this large wall hanging has its origins in the idea of cartography as domination, but here the botanical map is old and battered and failing apart, a reference to colonialism and the current climate situation.

More work by Marcia is on show at Dawe’s Twineworks,  where two painting workshops and a plant exchange organised by Marcia will also take place. See our events listings for more details and booking.


Marcia Teusink’s work explores climate change, collapsing environments and regrowth through painting, sculpture, video, printmaking and mixed media.