ERGE, 2018

A performance in the interregnum

I have an urge. An urge to merge. I have a battle between wet and dry in my body. It’s painful and leaves me constantly on the brink between one state and another. I’m teetering on the edge. I need to be in not one state but between many, in not
only feeling, but form as well.

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Coker Court, East Coker

Friday 11 May, 11.30-11.45am & 3.15-3.30pm
Sunday 13 May, 2.30-2.45pm

Friday 11 May, 10-6pm
Saturday 12 May, 10-6pm
Sunday 13 May, 10-3pm

 About the artist

Isobel Adderley is fascinated by our preconception of the body and physical space as separate and opposing forces. She attempts to blur or trouble these preconceptions in her work and uses film, sculpture, live performance and music production to move her audience in different physical ways.

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