A New Voyage, 2016

“The world is apt to judge of everything by the success; and whoever has ill fortune will hardly be allowed a good name.” –William Dampier, 1706

Illuminated like an old motel sign, A New Voyage exposes the very public process of judgement. Bent to form letters, glowing logs recall desert islands and beachside bonfires, or bring to mind the idealised 1970s faux-fireplace. Is this the fading judgement of past glories or a wish for a prosperous future?

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Field opposite East Coker Chapel, East Coker (View from outside Hymerford House, near East Coker Village Cafe)
Friday 11 May – Sunday 13 May, 10am-late

About the artist

Andy Parker is an artist whose work is preoccupied with ideas of progress and personal failings played out in a public arena. Through repetitive botanical painting, indiscernible sign writing, sinking sculpture and smudged drawings, he questions the authority and validity of accepted histories of human production.

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