collage, spoon with cream, slice of cake, blue picnic cloth and a upsidedown plate and hand



Sunday 30 May, 12-3pm

Dawe’s Twineworks, West Coker

Join a shared but distanced meal by collecting a specially prepared takeaway picnic from the only surviving Victorian twineworks with its original machinery. Pick up a parcel to parade to your favourite location in the Cokers. Expect multiple courses, food to surprise and transport, toasts to read aloud to your dining companions, and your own personal tablecloth.

Fairland Collective are a group of artists based in France, Ireland and UK. Their projects often use cooking and meals to engage networks of people and communities. They draw on an archive of domestic skills and food processes gathered from previous and ongoing projects.

Important information

Please let us know of any dietary requirements when you book. All food will be vegetarian. Unfortunately we will not be able to cater to severe allergies on this occasion, as all known allergens may be handled in the kitchen that we’re using to prepare the food.

We may not be gathering together around a long table, but we can still raise a glass to things that are important to us. Is there anyone, or anything that you think should be celebrated in a toast at our Moveable Feast – this could be a person, organisation or idea. Let us know who, what, and why when you book, and we will include as many ideas as possible in a collectively written toast: an ode to some of the things which have helped us throughout the past year, which will form part of the menu booklet that will accompany your picnic parcel.

If the cost of attending this event is a barrier, please email and we will be happy to offer you a free place, no questions asked.